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Layerscape Architecture- A Look Inside the Next- Generation QorIQ LS Series SoCs By Freescale

Layerscape architecture is the underlying system architecture of the next-generation QorIQ LS series SoCs. The architecture extends the current trend to- ward multicore chip design to achieve maximum performance while also abstracting away enough of the complex hardware to make software development efficient. Learn More



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64-bit MIPS Warrior core will change the game for CPUs from mobile devices to datacenter servers

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Texas Instruments expands world`s lowest power mi- crocontroller portfolio to take your metering, health and fitness and wearables designs to the next level

Renesas Electronics Introduces an IEC 61508 TÜV-Cer- tified RX631, 63N Safety Package to Accelerate Imple- mentation of Safety Systems for Industrial Equipment

TI introduces first fully integrated mono, Class-D audio amplifer for eCall, instrument cluster and telematics Silicon Labs Rocks Car Radio Market with Highest Per- formance Global Receiver IC

Renesas Electronics Expands Portfolio of Simple Power Supply ICs with Innovative Wide Input DC/DC Regulators Targeting Smart Grid and Industrial Apps